Which auto insurance to choose: third or all risks?

The law requires that any motor vehicle be accompanied by third-party liability insurance. This basic formula can be supplemented by additional guarantees. However, to take advantage of the best loan coverage, choosing All Risks Insurance is the solution. What are the particularities of these formulas and which one to choose? Answers.

Third-party auto insurance and all-risk auto insurance: what’s the difference?

As stipulated in article 211-1 of the Insurance Code, a vehicle owner is legally obliged to insure it, even if the car does not roll and remains in the garage. At a minimum, he must therefore hold a civil liability insurance to compensate others for damage that the driver could cause the driver after an accident. The insurance reimburses material damage due to a collision with real estate (houses, gate, windows, walls) and of course with other cars. Bodily injury to third parties is similarly reimbursed. Be careful, not complying with the subscription obligation exposes you to a license suspension of three years or even its cancellation. To this is added a fine of 3750 euros and maybe,

Before going further in the subject, understand that this third-party insurance will not compensate you if you are responsible for the accident. If you wish to enjoy better protection, you will have to add additional guarantees to your contract. These include the driver’s personal warranty, theft, fire, broken glass, a towing helpline, a loan from a replacement vehicle and many more.

To take advantage of a more comprehensive coverage that covers you against all the risks that you may suffer, all risks insurance is the best option. Compensation of the responsible driver, fire, vandalism, theft, compensation for the loss of personal belongings, legal assistance, breakdown assistance “zero kilometer” … the guarantees are varied and much more protective.